Annual production of 2,000 tons per year

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About us

Our employees are a cohesive team of people who work efficiently to achieve maximum results.

The enterprise has its own production areas with workshops and technological installations for the production and purification of organic and inorganic products, and the regeneration of halons. At the second site, the production of oil and alkene sulphuration is conducted. The company has well-equipped analytical and synthetic laboratories for research and development. Production is licensed in all categories, including the right to operate chemically dangerous and explosive production facilities.


The main task of the company is to provide customers with a wide range of chemical products. We make every effort to ensure that every customer receives the desired goods in the right amount, of the proper quality and in the shortest possible time.
We do not stand still, constantly developing new technologies, engaging in scientific research and the production of new chemical materials.
A new perspective direction of ZAO PROMHIMPERM activity is scientific developments in the field of extremely pure and nanodispersed materials used in radio ceramics, electronics and fiber optics.

Supply schedule

OOO "PROMHIMPERM" occupies a stable position on the chemical market of Russia and the near abroad, the products are also exported to the countries of Europe.


Preliminary preparation of the metal surface before hot dip galvanizing, in particular fluxing, determines the quality of the zinc coating. The flux market is mainly divided into two segments - the...
23 May 2022