03 May 2007


At the 5th International Conference “Theory and Practice of Technologies for Production of Composite Materials and New Metal Alloys” (TPKMM) held in Moscow on April 24-27, 2007, Ph.D. Ponomarev V.G. and Professor Honorin SA presented the report "Production technology, properties and application of ultrafine powders of oxides of some transition metals".

The report discussed the properties and possible applications of manufactured metal oxide powders, as well as innovative development prospects.

Report "Production technology, properties and application of ultrafine powders of oxides of some transition metals":

Special hopes of researchers and practitioners both in Russia and in the West are associated with the development of "soft" methods for the synthesis of nanoscale materials (powders, films and coatings), which use organic and organic-mineral solutions and mixtures. This way opens up a fairly simple and broad possibility to control the chemical composition, structure, shape and size of the synthesized nanoparticles by varying the conditions for their preparation - by changing the pH, temperature, composition and concentration of salt solutions and precipitant during synthesis ....

We have developed a technology for obtaining highly pure powders of oxides of titanium, zirconium, tin, niobium and tantalum from chloride and alcoholate solutions. Organized production of oxides at the request of consumers. Depending on the purpose, the materials can be supplied with specified performance characteristics in the form of a suspension or powder with a specific density, particle size (up to 0.10-0.05 micron), specific surface area (up to 200 m2 / g) and impurity content (up to 10-6-10-5% by weight). For the production of metal alkoxides, a 150 ton / year unit has been commissioned ...

According to Ponomarev V.G. in aviation and automotive will be used composites in increasing quantities. For example, in the Opel-Astra car there are more than 150 kg, in the Lada-Kalina - only 100 kg.

Our company has a direct relationship to this, because Triethanolamine titanate (TEAT), manufactured by our company is used in the manufacture of composites for military equipment.