15 April 2015


On April 15, 2015, at the regular in-person meeting of the members of the Non-Profit Partnership ROSHIMREAKTIV, Promkhimperm CJSC (Perm) was included in the Partnership on the basis of Protocol No. 2 of the general meeting of the members of the Non-Profit Partnership ROSHIMREAKTIV. On April 2, 2015, NP ROSHIMREAKTIV received a statement from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promhimperm CJSC, VG Ponomarev. with a request to accept the company as a member of NP ROSHIMREAKTIV, a recommendation letter was also submitted from the signature of a member of the Partnership, V.N. Lyamkin, who characterized the company as a reliable business partner and supplier of products. As a result of the consideration of the submitted documents, the issue of including Promkhimperm CJSC in the Partnership was put on the agenda of the general meeting of members of NP ROSHIMREAKTIV, which was held at the Analytics Expo 2015 exhibition.

At the meeting of Partners Lyamkin V.N. He introduced the company, after which VG Ponomarev spoke, who spoke in detail about Promhimperm CJSC, answered the questions from the Partners.

As a result of a general open vote, it was unanimously decided to include Promkhimperm CJSC into the Partnership. We welcome Promkhimperm CJSC as part of the Non-Profit Partnership "Developers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products, laboratory equipment and devices" ROSCHIMREAKTIV "! We wish you continued success and development!