23 May 2022

The transition of hot-dip galvanizing plants to domestic fluxes is ripe

Preliminary preparation of the metal surface before hot dip galvanizing, in particular fluxing, determines the quality of the zinc coating. The flux market is mainly divided into two segments - the European zinc-ammonium chloride double salt and the Chinese zinc chloride flux component. Most hot dip galvanizing plants prefer European fluxes.

In the current situation, the transition of hot-dip galvanizing plants to a domestic product is vital - a double salt of zinc-ammonium chloride instead of European analogues. We are convinced of this at the Promkhimperm enterprise, which has been supplying flux since 2020.

On the issue of import substitution, research and development work was carried out here to develop a technology for the production of fluxes for hot dip galvanizing:

- Industrial production of fluxes was organized in accordance with the developed technology.

- Tested in the factory.

- Supply of fluxes to hot-dip galvanizing plants has begun.

The flux production unit was created with financial support from the Innovation Promotion Fund under the Commercialization program.

According to Ilya Limonov, Director General of the Promkhimperm enterprise, now it is necessary to refine the technology for producing a product with a higher quality that satisfies any consumer, and to increase the supply of fluxes.

At the site of the exhibition "Metal structures-2022", the specialists of the Promkhimperm enterprise just want to discuss with their colleagues in the shop the transition to fluxes of domestic production.

Source: IIS "Metal supply and sales"