12 October 2006


We presented a venture project to develop technology and produce highly pure and nano-dispersive materials for radioceramics, electronics, photocatalysts: photocatalytic titanium dioxide, high-purity oxides of titanium, zirconium, simple and mixed titanates and titanyl oxalate of calcium, strontium, barium, titanium oxides, titanium, and titanium. niobium, zirconium with a given complex of physicochemical properties and quality indicators at the level of the best foreign analogues, but at a price of 2.0-2.5 times less.

The development strategy of the enterprise involves the creation of a powerful research unit with the participation of specialists from NPP START, Promhimperm CJSC and Perm State Technical University using the established production as an experimental industrial area for testing the developed technologies on an industrial scale.

More information about the investment proposal presented at the Venture Fair can be found here.

105 small and medium-sized businesses from 25 regions of Russia interested in attracting investments took part in the Russian Venture Fair. Projects presented at the exhibition and in the catalog may well be a serious competition not only in the Russian, but also in the international market of new technologies.