24 May 2018

Особо чистые вещества En

The successes of chemistry over the past decades are exceptionally high and technical progress in the field of pure substances is no less significant. At the present time, not only the requirements for the purity of matter have increased, but the very concept of pure matter has changed. A new branch of chemistry has been created, dealing with "particularly clean", ultrapure substances. If 30 years ago, the best samples of reagents contained not less than 1 · 10-2 - 1 · 10-3% of the impurities of many elements, now domestic ultra pure materials are produced, the content of individual impurities in which does not exceed 1 · 10-8 - 1 · 10- 10%.

In addition to the task of obtaining ultrapure substances, today the question arises of obtaining especially pure nanomaterials. Our company was one of the first to start work on the development of high-purity nanopowders of titanium, zirconium, niobium, and tantalum oxides. These products have been tested in dozens of leading Russian institutes and companies engaged in nanotechnology. Another direction of our company is the production of particularly pure inorganic titanium compounds.

Particularly pure substances (ultrapure substances) contain impurities in such a small amount that they do not affect the basic specific properties of substances. The number and concentration of impurities in different highly pure substances are different and are determined, on the one hand, by the requirements of consumers, and on the other hand by the achievements of production and analytical chemistry. Thus, especially pure REEs usually contain no more than 10-1%, and germanium-10 -7 mass% of foreign substances.