Sodium phosphate

Formula:Na2 (HPO4) x12H20   

Synonym:   Sodium phosphate disubstituted 12-water, disodium phosphate, hydrophosphate    sodium.GOST: GOST 4172-76 (category "h"), TU 2148-013-50284764-2003 (food) Appearance: Fine crystalline powder of white color Application area: The food industry is a preservative additive in the production of processed cheese; The machine-building industry is a phosphating reagent; Production of yeast - fertilizing. Indicator name The value of the indicator (food) Mass fraction of the main substance,%, not less than 98,200 Mass fraction of substances insoluble in water,%, not more than 0.007 Mass fraction of sulfates in terms of SO4,%, not more than 0.050 Mass fraction of chlorides,%, not more than 0.050 Mass fraction of iron,%, not more than 0.005